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We want to create win-win situations and we're eager to work with interested affiliates to share opportunities to succeed. To achieve this we've developed our affiliates program.

Our affiliates program works like this: if you refer someone to create a campaign on the WO Funding website you will get 50% of what we earned from the total amount raised by that campaign. This means that by offering a chance for your audience to raise funds on WO Funding, you get some of the revenues.

That means you get 2.5% of the amount raised, less any applicable transaction fees on Paypal. For example, if a customer raises $5,000 on WO Funding, you'd get $125 minus paypal transaction fees. What's more, we'll also make sure that you get the access that you need to analytics to make sure you can keep track of your earnings.

User is referred by Partner
User create campaigns on WO Funding
User collects $5,000.00
Revenue shares on $5000 collected. For transaction fees visit this PayPal page.

How it works

  • Sign up using the form on the right
  • You will have a unique referral link and a reporting dashboard to keep track of your earnings and the users you referred.
  • Share the referral link and ask people to sign up
  • You get 50% of what WO Funding earned from the total amount the users raised (2.5%)
  • The users that you referred will always be under you. For example the user you referred created 5 campaigns on WO funding, you will get 2.5% of the total amount raised for the 5 campaigns
  • You can withdraw your earnings anytime as long as it is $50 above
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