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You want to get your marriage off to the right start but funds are tight right now. You’d wait but there are no signs of things getting better. You’ve dreamed of your perfect wedding or honeymoon your whole life long and now it looks like you’ll have to make do with second best. The good news is that now you don’t have to. With a compelling WO Funding campaign you can get your dream wedding back on track.

Maybe you’ve found the perfect dress but it’s just that little bit out of reach… or maybe a lot out of reach. Perhaps you identified the perfect venue only to find it is thousands over budget. Maybe you want to elope to Las Vegas and be married by Elvis but you just don’t have the cash. Telling people about it through a WO Funding campaign can help. Describe your perfect wedding, post your project and watch the funds come flooding in. Of course you will have to put effort in to market your campaign, but your dream wedding is surely worth a bit of effort?

Perhaps you have the money for the wedding but there’s nothing left for a honeymoon. You imagined yourself lazing on the beach in a warm tropical climate having a romantic time with your partner for life, and instead you’ll be getting a night in the hotel down the road.

By setting up a WO Funding campaign you can raise the funds you need to pay for your dream honeymoon too.  Making sure that everyone that could possible contribute does by marketing your campaign and telling a compelling story of your dream honeymoon is essential, but if you do it right you could get the funds you need and be sipping a cold drink with sand beneath your feet.