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It’s time to give something back. You want to help orphans in India, or save the rainforest in Brazil, or help out at a hospital in Africa, or rescue wild monkeys in Guatemala. You want to teach computing skills to small businesses in the Philippines, or trek into the deepest jungles of Borneo to save the orang-utan.

You have the passion, the energy and the enthusiasm. But that’s not enough. Volunteering can be an expensive business. You also need the funds to get there and pay for your expenses, and there’s also that problem of paying for your visa that you didn’t anticipate. With all the costs adding up, you just don’t see how you can go. And that’s a crying shame because you have so much to offer.

WO Funding can help you in raising funds for going to do volunteer projects.  If you want to find the funds to help you help others, a WO Funding campaign to raise the money to get going could be just the thing. Those that share your passion may be happy to help get you out there and helping the less fortunate.

From tracking turtles in Costa Rica to restoring the Inca Trail in Peru, to working with physically impaired people injured by land mines in Cambodia there are quite literally thousands of volunteer projects that have caught your eye.  You have the time to give but you just don’t have the money.  Adding a campaign to WO Funding and marketing it to your friends and family—and lots of others too —can get you there faster than you ever dreamed was possible.

Sign up today, post a project and see how others can help you help others and get you out there volunteering in no time.