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Travel broadens both your horizons and your mind. But you do not have the money to get on the plane. Or on the train, or bus, or boat. So what are you to do? Well, WO Funding can help.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to travel, and maybe your friends and family can help if you show them you are serious through a creating a WO Funding campaign.

You might be at university and you have to take a trip overseas to fulfil the requirements of a course that you are taking. Posting a WO Funding campaign that explains why your trip is important to your studies and future could help you raise the money you need.

There might be a big family reunion happening in a different state or country and you simply do not have the money for the hotels and transport. You don’t want to miss out, but no one else can pay for your ticket for you. Pitching a great campaign on WO Funding could pull on the heartstrings of friends and family and you could get the funding.

You may want to take a gap year before or after university, but do not have the funds to do it. You plan to work when you get there, but you can’t afford the air fare. Encouraging others to contribute through WO Funding could make it all that little bit more possible.

Maybe your parents are getting old and you’d like to take them on the trip of their dreams while they’re still able to travel. Or perhaps you want to help with the costs of a close friend to get to your wedding. Whatever your travel incentive, creating a WO Funding campaign can get you off the ground – quite literally.