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Privacy Policy

When using the WO Funding you are recognising that you have  read, understood and agree to all aspects of this privacy policy. If you cannot agree with the policy, do not use this website.


The Privacy Policy is a part of the terms and conditions of the website, meaning that it is a component of the agreement in place between you and us. WO Fundingmay change its privacy policy at any time, and without warning. The privacy policy will be easy to access at all times. Following any changes to the privacy policy, if you continue to use WO Funding, it is understood by you and us that you have agreed to the Privacy Policy changes. If you do not agree with the policy, you should not use the website.


During the account registration process, we gain access to the following information from you:

a.      Your first and last name

b.      Your postal address

c.      Your, e-mail address

d.      Your date of birth

e.      Your telephone number


WO Funding may use your information to administer, support, improve and develop our business. Otherwise unless required to do so by law, we will not share, sell or distribute any of the information you provide to us without your express consent.


During the process of providing you with the WO Funding service we may email you to:

a.      confirm your registration

b.      provide you with reminder emails about current campaigns

c.      send you new campaigns and promotions

d.      deliver you newsletters

e.      You are entitled to unsubscribe from any of our emails at any time.



WO Fundingis committed to protecting your personal information. We will not share, sell, rent or disclose your information except in the following circumstances:

With Third-Party Service Providers:From time to time we might use  third-party providers to send out emails, administrative and promotional material.  In this case your information may be provided to such third party providers. Our goal is to protect your information and only use it when it is necessary to carry out operational tasks for our company. We do need to share your information with some providers to make it possible to provide services. For example, if we did not share your information with our credit card processing company we could not process transactions. Please bear in mind that we are only responsible for our use of your information.

Remarketing Efforts:Our site may use remarketing to best connect with our various users.  We may hire third-party providers to assist us in this process.  .

Sale or Transfer of the Business:If we sell the business, your personal information may be shared or transferred to the other company. 

Legal and Other Reasons:WO Fundingwill disclose your personal information if required to do so by law..


5.1 WO Fundingcan, if it wishes, publish the name, region, and photograph of any competition winners.

5.2 If you become a successful campaign creator, you may be asked to provide a photo or video relating to your win. The following rules apply with regard to photos or videos submitted:

a.      Your face must be uncovered.

b.      You must hold the product that you has won on the photo or video.


5.3 Information that we gather may be utilised to write a press release or may be used in a WO Fundingcommercial. This includes television, radio, internet and other forms of advertising.


We may share your non-personal information, including demographic information, with others according to the policies outlined below: 

WO Fundingmay feature advertisements from third party providers. We may provide these providers with non-specific information to help them tailor their advertising to your needs and interests.

WO Fundingmay also use your non-personal information to compile statistical reports regarding website usage, traffic and volume. This is so that we can improve our website for your use and that of others.


You can use our website without providing personal information but this may limit what you can do on the website. From time to time we will send you administrative emails, and these are a condition of using our website. You may, if you wish, unsubscribe from any promotional emails at any time.


The security of your information is  a priority for us, and we take steps to keep this information safe. Access to your personal information is only possible through secure pages which may only be accessed through entering your password. Your password is encrypted for your protection. It is essential to keep your password private so that no one can misuse it on our website. All personal information like credit card data is encrypted for your safety.    However, we are not responsible for information used incorrectly by third parties. Please remember at all times that the internet is not 100 percent secure.


The use of cookies means that we can offer you a customised experience when you use our website. We will use cookies for this purpose, and we store these on your computer. Cookies are small files on your computer that hold information about you, allowing us to provide you with content that you may be more interested in based on how you use our website. We may also through these means be able to collect non-personal information from you including pages you have visited and links that you have selected.  This assists in developing our advertiser. Cookies placed on your website by third parties are not covered by this policy. Your browser may include a means by which to restrict cookies if you do not want them used by our website or third parties. Know that if you disable cookies then our website may not work effectively.


We are not responsible for the actions of others that you may come across in using our website. This may include other companies, websites and retailers. Each of these businesses has its own terms and conditions and privacy policies, and we do not have control over these companies. You must carefully review policies from these sites when you use them.  We are not responsible for the policies or actions of other companies.