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Sometimes your pets might need an investment that you just don’t have to offer them.

If a beloved pet is suffering it might need expensive surgery or medicines and maybe you can’t afford them. Your pet may have to stay at the vet’s surgery for several nights to get well, yet this would break your bank. Saying goodbye to your pet early is completely unthinkable.

 You could get help paying the vet’s bills by adding a funding campaign to WO Funding. With lots of energy soon your pet could be having a speedy recovery.

Alternatively, you may have a disability that affects you in getting about in daily life. Maybe you are hearing or visually impaired or have epilepsy. In this case trained pets can often help in such difficult situations. A guide dog can be costly, however. By raising funds on WO Funding you could get the money to get a professionally trained pet that can help you have an easier life.

Maybe your pet has shown enormous talent in performing? You want to take your pet to shows so that they can demonstrate their skills to the world and win the prizes that they deserve.  Yet you do not have the money to get to the competitions or to enter them. A well planned WO Funding campaign could help you get there.

You can also raise funds to get your new puppy signed into behaviour training classes. Or perhaps you are a bit lonely and want to get a new pet to keep you company yet don’t have the funds to get started.

Whatever your pet needs, from getting a new pet to training a pet to saving a much loved pet, working with WO Funding you can raise the money to help.