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You’ve said goodbye to a beloved friend or family member and the funeral just doesn’t seem to be enough somehow. Maybe the person did not even have enough money for a funeral, or even a coffin or cremation. Maybe the person had specific last wishes to fulfil but did not leave enough money to cover it. You want to send them off in a way that seems loving and fitting, but you don’t have the cash to do it on your own. And that’s where WO Funding can help.

Through WO Funding you can raise the funds for the funeral that your dearly departed friend or family member truly deserved. If a headstone is what you want but there’s not enough money to stretch that far then you can set up a campaign and raise the funds. If you’re looking for a special type of burial but don’t have enough money for it, WO Funding can help you get there.

By lobbying all those that also loved the person and who want to see the person’s life commemorated in a fitting way you can raise the cash you need to make sure the person

You can also hold a special memorial service by raising the money that you need via WO Funding to organize the occasion. You’ll have to set up an account and create a project on the system. You can upload photographs of the beloved person to help encourage people to contribute. And you can contact anyone and everyone that you think might be interested to see if they are willing to help. The power of the crowd can help your friend or family member have the send off they would have always wanted.