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What is WO Funding?

WO Funding stands for World's Online Funding. WO Funding is a platform for crowd funding that allows people to raise money to pursue their passions. People post projects that they want to raise money for, share their inspiring stories and carry out fundraising campaigns.

Who uses WO Funding?

WO Funding is used by people across the globe. They’re finding it to be a great resource for raising money. As long as you have a bank account and an eagerness to help develop other people’s dreams, you can participate.

Why do people contribute to campaigns?

One reason for contributing to campaigns is that people like to help other people. But also people like the perks that come with contributing to the campaign, or they simply just want to be involved with an exciting new project.

How much does WO Funding cost?

There is no cost for joining or creating a fund raising campaign on WO Funding. From the money that is raised for projects, a fee of 5% is levied, provided the project meets its goal. If it does not hit the target, the fee is 8%.

Who do I contact with questions about my contribution?

It depends on the question.

For questions about perks, shipping address or other information directly related to your contribution you should contact the campaign owner. WO Funding answers all other questions, so please contact us.

I want my campaign on the homepage. How can I arrange that?

Getting featured on the homepage is based on merit alone. Those campaigns that generate the most interest and activity are selected for the homepage. The factors that influence homepage positioning include:

1. The funds raised and how many contributors your campaign has.

2. The detail of information provided about your campaign, pitch and team members

3. The level of activity relating to your campaign e.g. updates, comments, sharing on Facebook, Twitter and others.

4. Pictures and video.

How do I cancel my account?

It depends if you have raised any money or not.

If you have raised money, we have to keep your account open. If you have not raised any money, it’s fine to cancel.

Email us at: contact@wofunding.com to cancel your campaign or your account.

Can anyone start a campaign?

WO Funding is available to users worldwide. This means that provided you have a bank account, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are: you can start a campaign.

What happens if I don’t meet my campaign target?

If you don’t meet your goal you can still get the funds that you raised. If you don’t meet the target you’ll be charged a slightly higher fee of 8%. Projects that hit their target get charged 5% platform fee and transaction fees.

Transaction Fees:
Credit / Debit Card on WO Funding: 2.4% + 30c (Australian card) / 3.4% + 30c (international card) for each transaction.

Using PayPal your costs will vary. This depends on your location and your PayPal account type. Within Australia, PayPal fees are charged at 2.4% + 30c per transaction for commercial transactions. You can get more information on PayPal fees that will apply to you by visiting the PayPal fees page at: PayPal.

How can I start a campaign?

Starting a campaign is simple and free! There’s no application process. All you need to do is get started. Click here to create your campaign.

Can I raise money in my own currency?

We only accept and distribute money in Australian Dollars at this time.