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Project guidelines define that all projects must have a goal and a projected outcome that can be understood.  The target amount of funding should be clearly defined and displayed. Furthermore:

1. It must be possible for you to be able to deliver the rewards (perks) that you promise.

2. Projects have to be based on one of three types of categories:

a. Creative – includes – music, art, dance, fashion, gaming, photography, video/web, comics, design, film, theatre, transmedia and writing.

b. Entrepreneurial – includes technology, small business, sport and food.

c. Cause – related to education, health, the environment, politics, religion, community or animals.

3. It is strictly prohibited to offer financial incentives or rewards such as shares or profit sharing.

4. Charities are prohibited from WO Funding.com. Any company seeking donations for charity collections is not allowed. The exception to this rule is any charity or non-profit organisation with Deductible Gift Receipt (DGR) status can use WO Funding, but the campaign must be for a specific project that has a funding target and an associated outcome. Charitable appeals are not allowed.  If your company is a charity it is possible to provide tax deductible receipts. All receipts must be legal within the laws of your country of operation.

Projects or rewards that are banned from WO Funding

Types of rewards (perks) that are strictly prohibited include alcohol, sexually explicit material or offers, raffles, or illegal items such as drugs or weapons. Projects that do not comply will be automatically removed.