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All kinds of events can be improved with a little extra money. From hiring a hall to decorating the place to fit the occasion, to even getting snacks and beverages to make the party rock, you can raise the funds you need through WO Funding.

Your wife’s 40th birthday is coming up. You’d like to throw her the party she deserves to show her just how much you appreciate her, but hiring a venue is out of budget. It’s a milestone birthday and you feel sad you can’t celebrate it in the best possible way. By getting a WO Funding campaign underway and showing others just how much you want your wife’s day to be special, you can appeal to others and raise the money.

You’ve spent so much money on buying your first home that you don’t have the funds to hold a housewarming party. All your friends want to see your new place but you need the cash to get the party started. Get a WO Funding campaign going and raise the funds you need to celebrate your new life in your new home.

Maybe you want to send a much loved colleague off with style. The budget cuts at work mean there’s no funding to help. Or perhaps you want to buy a long standing employee a retirement gift but no one has any spare cash. A WO Funding campaign can make it all possible, by appealing to the caring nature of others.

Your wedding anniversary is coming up. Or you are about to get engaged. You want to take your partner somewhere romantic and beautiful that fits the occasion, but without a cash injection it’s quite simply out of the question. There are others out there that want to help: you just need to find them through a WO Funding campaign.