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How WO Funding is Different

WO Funding offers opportunities that other kinds of fundraising simply cannot. Here is why:

1. Our Promise -  Once you reach 25% of your funding goals on our site, we will send your campaign to millions of of subcribers, promote your campaign through social media at our own cost, and do all we can you help you succeed with your fundraising target. Futher to that, whether you reach your goal or not, you will get to keep all the money that you raised after deducting the platform fees and the payment transactions fees.

2. The Power of the Crowd – the major benefit of WO Funding as a way of securing funds is that it is possible to leverage the power of the crowd to raise funds. Since the development of social networking and the associated social media platforms it has become possible to reach a large number of people who are connected to one another, very easily. Harnessing this allows people to raise money from others who previously would have been inaccessible.

3. New Functionalities – social media platforms have provided new functionalities that can be used to help with WO Funding. For example, in Facebook, if you click on “Like”, others who were not able to see the original item, now can. If you “like” something you show that you think it is important. This has not been possible in quite this way before, and it offers excellent opportunities to raise funds on WO Funding.

4. A Wider Audience – overall WO Funding allows people to be able to get their funding request in front of a much larger range of people, and also to build relationships with those contributors, perhaps to develop long term support networks. Not only that, but WO Funding has a way of encouraging giving in the world population that has never been possible before. This has led to people supporting causes that they may never even have been aware of in the past.

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