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Developing a Campaign that Raises Funds on WO Funding Part 4

Assistance in Campaigning

You’ll find that campaigning is hard work, and it is useful to have a team of people behind you helping to drive your campaign to success. However, it’s helpful to have a team of campaigners for a number of reasons. One is because with a team you can reach a greater number of networks – not just your own but that of everyone in your team as well. Aside from that when working with a team you can get additional and new, fun ideas of how to campaign that might drive higher successes for your campaign. Even if your project is a one-person activity, getting others to help with your campaigning is a good ideas it helps to get the word out much further than you could possibly achieve on your own.

You may also want to bring on people to help out as ambassadors of your project. These are people that help you to get the word out, who are influential and who people listen to. As mentioned above, these include bloggers that have a significant audience reading their blogs, and influential people on Twitter in your niche. These people can really help to raise the profile of your campaign. This can really make the difference between a flagging campaign and one that succeeds in achieving all of its goals and reaching its target.

Don’t be constrained when thinking of who can be an ambassador. Be original and creative. Your ambassadors do need to have some level of bond with their audience, who much be interested in your niche.

Viral Projects

If you can get your campaign to go viral then you’ll be far more likely to be able to meet your target easily within the timeframe that you have set for it. It is also in WO Funding’s interest that your campaign goes viral, as it is good for not just your project but also the platform as a whole and everyone else’s project too. Generating lots of buzz for projects will lead to your campaign appearing on the home page and this will lead to greater exposure to a far wider audience of potential contributors than for a regular campaign.

Facebook has a technique for measuring the popularity of posts that people put up. This is known as “Edge Rank”. When posts are more commonly liked, shared or have comments made on them they are more likely to show up on news feeds. This means you need to work to make sure that the link to your campaign gets as many likes, shares and comments as possible so that they will show up in the news feeds of everyone in your network and beyond.

Driving last minute funding from contributors

There are a few tips that you can follow to help your project to get funded in the last few days of the campaign. For starters, if you thank people for their help and support you will be helping to make them feel good about what they have done, but not only that – this activity can also help to encourage others to contribute as well. Letting people know just how much their support helps you to progress your project is helpful. Reminding them what you are going to do with the money, and why you need to achieve funding for the final remaining portion of the target that has not yet been reached is really important. Over the last few days make sure to count down to the end – for example: “Five more days to raise $500”. This helps add a sense of urgency to those that have been taking their time about contributing to your campaign.

Reaching your goal!!

Reaching your target in your selected time frame is a great achievement. Not just for you but also for everyone that contributed too. You need to thank people but in a way that is genuine and real. Make sure to indicate that you appreciate their support, and remind them that they made this project possible through contributing to your campaign. Spend time after the campaign understanding who your supporters were and why they contributed to your campaign, as this will help you to be able to gain supporters more easily next time. It will also help you to retain your current supporters. Also, it is important to not forget to distribute all of the perks and rewards that you promised along the way.

Not reaching your goal

There are plenty of projects that do not achieve their goals, and if you are one of these you need to keep communicating with those that have supported you. You can always try again later with a new campaign through analyzing where you went wrong and understanding how you can improve in the future. If you continue to keep good relationships with your supporters after the campaign they will be likely to keep supporting you in the longer term. Don’t let a failure to meet a target set you back. Instead spend that same energy understanding how you can better what you did in the future.

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