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Crowdfunding Set to “Explode” and WO Funding Users Set to Cash In

Looking to raise money but finding it hard to know where to start? Don’t want to go to the bank to get a loan but need a cash injection to do something? Crowdfunding, the newest form of fund raising out there could be just right for you. From raising money for a family holiday, to generating funds for a loved pet’s life saving operation, to getting a new business off the ground, crowdfunding really does offer something for everyone. And with WO Funding you can be a part of this landmark and groundbreaking revolution.

WO Funding is part of this exciting and fairly new phenomenon known as “crowdfunding”. And crowdfunding is set to grow and grow and grow. Estimates for crowdfunding transactions are through the roof. In fact, research shows that eventually crowdfunding transactions are estimated to be $500 billion annually. Currently however, crowdfunding is in its infancy. With $1.5 billion in transactions in 2011, and an estimated $3 billion in 2012, there’s still a little way to go, but already the industry has taken off, and it seems as if nothing will stop its unchartered progress into new territory.

Crowdfunding has in fact emerged as an excellent opportunity for people to raise money. It saves them having to go to the bank and get a loan, or otherwise find investment. Money is generally raised through small donations from lots of people rather than one or two people providing large investments. For start up businesses in particular, some argue that crowdfunding could “completely change the landscape for start up financing”

There are many advantages to using WO Funding’s platform to raise money. For starters, raising money in this way has little cost associated with it. People can get feedback from others about what they are raising money for. Additionally, the crowdfunding platform itself can also be used for marketing what you are doing – this is particularly useful for several times of fund raisers. Certainly it is good for start up companies trying to get the word out about their new products and services, but it is also very handy for people that are trying to raise money for a cause, by spreading awareness of that cause to others.

WO Funding works best for those that are looking to raise relatively small amounts of money, but despite this, massive sums have been raised through crowdfunding platforms, and not just for start up companies with good ideas. For example, in 2012, a fund raising campaign on a crowd funding website raised more than $170,000 to improve the life of a person whose life had been severely impacted by the USA shooting in Colorado Springs. The subject was close to the hearts of the people that responded to it, and donations came flooding in.

So, if you’re in need of some quick cash to get a project off the ground, raise money for a cause, or even take yourself off on a romantic weekend to celebrate your anniversary… you might just want to check out WO Funding.

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