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Crowdfunding: Raising Money the New Way with WO Funding

Innovative company WO Funding is among those leading the way in helping people to raise money for all kinds of different activities. Crowdfunding is here to stay and those that use WO Funding for this exciting new funding approach are all set to benefit – and to benefit BIG!

Crowdfunding is such a new idea that some people have not yet even had the chance to find out what it is all about. In short, it is a means by which people can post projects or activities up that they want to undertake, and raise money for them. This is achieved by funding from a crowd. What that means is that instead of one or two large investments for a project, on WO Funding and other crowdfunding websites, projects and activities are funded by many different small donations. Donors usually receive some sort of small reward for providing funds to a project or activity.

But where did this idea of crowdfunding come from? Well, The Telegraph in the UK reports that the idea initially emerged when the British band Marillion developed a fund raising campaign via the internet to try and raise money to fund an American tour. Approximately $50,000 was raised from the fans of the band, and the tour went ahead across the United States. This was back in 1997, but the idea caught on, and now it’s here to stay.

These days, crowdfunding is an option engaged by everything from football clubs to charities. From giving someone a special surprise to helping groundbreaking new companies break into their industry, it helps projects to get off the ground in a way that may never have even been possible before. It is used by film makers, and even families that don’t have enough money to give their pets a much needed operation to save the pet’s life.  Pretty much every concept imaginable can be funded by crowdfunding websites, including WO Funding.

With a good project description, a video and a compelling cause, many funding activities raise their goal, but in fact a lot of companies raise a great deal more. For example, one company that placed such a funding request managed to raise $10.2 million according to The Telegraph. The project was initially set up to raise $100,000 to help develop a product which does not yet exist – a watch that is able to show messages and emails from cell phones. The delighted  project initiators are now rapidly working on bringing the project to life. WO Funding is among the market leaders in the crowdfunding field, changing the way that people raise money, forever.

The best part is: there’s nothing to lose by raising a project on WO Funding. Either your project raises money or it does not. All you have to do is set your project a target deadline and make your activity appealing to others, and the funds start coming in. Anyone can benefit from raising funds through dynamic companies like WO Funding.

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