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5 Crowdfunding Mistakes You Should Never Make

You have worked out for bringing your brainchild to life and are ready to hit the ‘start’ button at some crowdfunding platform, right? Wait! Below are 5 mistakes that can harm your crowdfunding campaign. So taking a look at these points would help you move in the right direction.

Nobody knows you: One of the top reasons why crowdfunding campaigns fail is having no brand image. Having no brand image means people can’t trust you. So, going for launching a campaign without any fellowship or fan base is a red flag. You should question yourself how you’re going to get people’s trust for the campaign you want to launch?

Your idea is vague: If your idea is not clear, why should I invest in it? Have you shared this idea with the people you think would be the top funders for your crowdfunding campaign? Do they still have any doubts? These are questions that you should answer before launching your campaign or you’re going to make a mistake that will likely be ending in smoke. Is your idea vague or clear?

You’re not unique: If you’re pitching for a film, a mobile app or your startup company in a style similar to dozens of other, why should people invest in your campaign and not in others? The way you do your campaign matters a lot and if you stand out from the crowd, your campaign would be automatically taken up by funders. Are you ready to stand out?

You’re not engaging: Social media campaign and press releases alone can’t bring you funds. Making a viral video, teaming up with the industry celebs, offering rewards/perks and also getting feedback from your fans will add to your campaign. Asking your funders what’s working in similar campaign and what they think should be the additional activities to promote the campaign will make a lot of difference in making your campaign successful. So, are you ready to engage with your funders and followers?

Your goals are unrealistic: If you set your funding goals that are too high to achieve, then nobody will fund your campaign. A clear deadline with defined milestones and reward system will definitely make funders believe in what you want to bring to life. So, are your goals realistic?

If you have financed a crowdfunding campaign or you are going to launch one, please share the link and details below in the comment box. If you have a question or you want to add appoint in the list mentioned above, you can do it through comment box.

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