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Why some businessmen fail to gather sufficient funds through online funding

Online funding platforms have recently become very popular and people are very keen to gather funds through these platforms because of the fast and the authentic process. However, the strange part is there are still some entrepreneurs out there who … Continue reading

Give your consulting business the necessary uplift through online funding

Whether you want to gain investments for your products or services you need the right platform for this job. Consulting may sound like a money minting profession, but you can only get heavily paid once people are aware of the … Continue reading

Top Crowd Sourcing Sites

Crowd sourcing sites are becoming famous day by day. There are many websites that are famous for crowd sourcing. Now day’s crowdspring.com is considered the best crowd sourcing site. This website is considered world best platform for web design, logo … Continue reading

Best Property Investment

There are many places around the globe that are famous for best property investment. With the passage of time property rates increase and decrease as well. Before investing always check that where you can buy cheap home and there are … Continue reading

5 Crowdfunding Mistakes You Should Never Make

You have worked out for bringing your brainchild to life and are ready to hit the ‘start’ button at some crowdfunding platform, right? Wait! Below are 5 mistakes that can harm your crowdfunding campaign. So taking a look at these … Continue reading

Key Factors Involved in a Crowd Funding Campaign

What is crowd funding? In simple words, crowd funding is a fund raising campaign where a group of people (crowd) is helping you hence called crowd funding. From idea to execution, crowd funding involves several factors that you should be … Continue reading

How WO Funding is Different

WO Funding offers opportunities that other kinds of fundraising simply cannot. Here is why: 1. Our Promise -  Once you reach 25% of your funding goals on our site, we will send your campaign to millions of of subcribers, promote … Continue reading

Developing a Campaign that Raises Funds on WO Funding Part 4

Assistance in Campaigning You’ll find that campaigning is hard work, and it is useful to have a team of people behind you helping to drive your campaign to success. However, it’s helpful to have a team of campaigners for a … Continue reading

Developing a Campaign that Raises Funds on WO Funding Part 3

Asking for Support In planning your campaign you also have to work out how you are going to ask people for their support. This needs to explain and answer the following important questions that will be running through the contributor’s … Continue reading

Developing a Campaign that Raises Funds on WO Funding Part 2

Offering Rewards (Perks) Crowdfunding’s perks are what attract people to give money to projects that are posted. This is what separates crowdfunding from other more traditional types of fund raising. In offering perks you are providing a “tangible benefit” to … Continue reading